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Desperate for peace, the angry, sarcastic, and indifferent person can cause havoc in your home, business, and community. Are you feeling accused, rejected, and even confused on what to do next?

There is hope!
Don’t allow a strained relationship to steal your joy or cause potential health issues later in life. Be transformed by God’s TRUTH. As a Faith Coach, Kirsten Strawn empowers people with God’s proven method to reconcile even the most difficult relationships. Discover sound biblical truth that will transform your pain to purpose. Use the 12-week Bible study included in LOVING THE UNLOVABLE to equip individual or group growth to:

•Face conflict with confidence and compassion
•STOP avoiding conversations and take action
•Speak effectively and honestly to be heard
•Gain perspective to understand yourself and others
•Forgive to have authentic, meaningful relationships

LOVING THE UNLOVABLE, Transforming Difficult Relationships With God’s Truth


Discover the foundational reasons behind conflict as Kirsten shares her struggles with her parents and spouse, raising four teenagers, a season with no income, and their young son’s battle with leukemia. Kirsten teaches life changing biblical truths that transformed her hard heart to love the man she once resented.

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW: LOVING THE UNLOVABLE, Transforming Difficult Relationships with God’s Truth

God has allowed my struggles so that I can have more understanding and compassion for you. And I want you to know that I care. I care about your pain. God has taken all of my pain and shame and insecurities and He has changed me. I’m not perfect. No one is. But I can offer you hope. God can transform your life if you let Him. He transformed mine.

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