Weapons of Warfare

weapons of warfareA spiritual battle wages war in the heavenly realms of this world wanting to pull us away from God. Fortunately, God gives us the arsenal to do the battle against our Adversary, the Devil, and his demons.

According to God’s Word we discover that we have the power to conquer the enemy.  Every time  we encounter arguments, destructive thinking, and temptation we can resist through the powerful Word of God. Yet, we must know it to proclaim it.

Our weapons also include the Holy Spirit that gives us internal power to overcome Satan who lurks around like a roaring lion wanting to lure us into temptation. He wants to render us ineffective by whispering lies of doubt, fear of rejection, failure, and self-sufficiency. Besides deceiving us through music, media, and movies, he uses people to cause conflict.

The good news is that Jesus died to conquer death and destruction of the enemy by pouring out His blood. We are covered, cleansed, and purified when we accept His sacrifice to pay the penalty of our sin.

Not only is there power in the blood of Jesus that gives us spiritual life, but we have power by professing His name. Call on the name of Jesus when You face trials, temptation, and danger. Jesus will rescue you! By His name we overcome the enemy and those spiritual strongholds that have us or others believing lies of destruction.

Memorize God’s precious promises to live a powerful and victorious life without regret, with heavenly purpose, and to please Him. God has mighty plans to give you hope, to prosper you with peace and joy beyond belief. Let us not forget the wonderful weapon of praise, thanksgiving, and the privilege of petitioning our loving Father through prayer. Remember God has graciously given you weapons of warfare, use them wisely to conquer the enemy of this world to proclaim your power in Christ.

Promise from God:
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, (2 Corin. 10:4-5).

Pray with me: We praise You, O Lord, that You are with us and for us as we do battle against the evil of this world. Thank You for the mighty weapons of our warfare. You have given us the Word of truth that pierces the heart like a double edge sword. Thank you that we can conquer the lies of the enemy by holding our thoughts captive to the truth of Your Word. Thank You that by the power of Your Holy Spirit we can conquer our fleshly desires to follow You without regret. Thank you for the weapon of Jesus’ blood that purifies us of all sin to conquer death and give life. Thank you for the power of Jesus’ name to cast down demons, spiritual strongholds, and saves us in times of trouble and temptation. Lord, help us today to meditate on this powerful promise. May we memorize the truth of Your Word to live the victorious life You have planned and purposed for us. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

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