4 Ways to Perfect Peace

4 steps to perfect peaceGod is a God of perfect peace, not confusion. He offers us His love and His peace through His presence. The question is, how do we obtain more of His presence to experience more of His love and peace?

First, we must desire to be complete in Christ and conformed into His image. Originally, God created us in His image. Yet when sin entered the world we became corrupt and separated from Him. The good news is when Christ died for us our old nature died and we became a new creation when we surrendered our life to Him. Daily we are conformed into His image as we die to self to live for Christ.

The second way we receive the love and peace of God is to be a comfort to others. Through our struggles God comforts us through His Word, the Holy Spirit, and His people. There is no greater joy than to take the focus off of self to minister hope, healing, and comfort to those who are suffering in a similar way that we once did.

The third way to receive peace is to be around like-minded people who are seeking after the Lord to know Him, follow Him, and serve Him. Being with people who support us in prayer, encouragement, and godly counsel ensures more success at living according to God’s ways. This allows us to experience the love of Jesus through His people to produce more peaceful relationships.

Finally, to experience God’s peace we must seek to live at peace with the people in our lives to the best of our ability. What does this look like when we encounter difficult people? Ask God for wisdom to understand their pain, perspective, and personality. With a humble heart we seek to clarify, not argue. With a thankful heart we edify, not criticize. With a generous spirit we give, not take. With a desire for their well-being we protect, not destroy. We seek to speak truth in love, not to deceive through empty words to placate.

God desires for us to experience His peace. By resting in Him, meditating on His promises, and spending time in prayer we reflect His perfect peace to His people.

How are you experiencing God’s love and peace?

Promise from God:
Become complete. Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you (2 Corin. 13:11).

Pray with me:
We praise You, Lord, that You make us complete in Christ who dwells in us to conform us into His image. Thank You that You are a God of comfort and compassion who comforts us so we can comfort others. Thank You that in the body of the church we can find like-minded people who follow after You. We seek to live in peace to the best of our ability so that there is nothing to separate us from You. Search our heart to reveal any sin of bitterness, pride, or fear that may hinder us from Your perfect peace. Today we long to live according to Your ways that we may experience Your love and peace more abundantly. In Jesus’ name we trust You for this, all for Your glory and praise. Amen.

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