Rule Out Rejection

rule out rejectionRejected people act in unlovable ways. Even the fear of rejection can cause people to be rude and aloof in an effort to protect their hearts from those who may reject them.

The desire to be accepted compels many of us to compromise what’s right to do whatever it takes to be loved.

For me, I find myself hiding from confrontation, avoiding conflict by not expressing the truth. Instead of addressing the problem, I live a sneaky life of deception as I pretend everything is alright.

Some over spend to be accepted by their neighbors. Others, consume alcohol to attempt to fit in or to bury the pain of abandonment.

Criticism,, control, and complacency push spouses into the arms of lovers. Confused unwed girls and women seek refuge in abortion clinics to be tormented with the fear of rejection if their secret is found out. Over a million teens runaway each year in an attempt to protect themselves from abuse to seek acceptance on the streets.

What are you doing to be accepted?

The truth is that we are accepted and loved by God who will never leave us or reject us. He is with us and for us and has plans to prosper us when we seek Him with all of our heart (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

How does knowing that God fully loves you through the sacrifice of His Son cause you to not fear man, but to trust Him completely and follow Him?

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