When God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

unanswered prayerFor years I prayed against sexual immorality for my children. This was not just an occasional prayer. No, I boldly prayed over them in the middle of the night and cried out to God for their protection on my knees. Not only that, I took both my daughters on a purity weekend. I even had the sex talk over and over again with all four of my children until I was blue in the face.

Why was I so passionate about keeping them away from sex before marriage?

Personally, I knew the devastation and destruction of sexual immorality. I wanted to protect my children from the pain of rejection, from feeling worthless and used, and from having those comparisons constantly in your head when years later you make love with your spouse. I never wanted them to prove themselves sexually for someone to want to be in a relationship with them or have their judgment clouded on the character of the person they committed to in marriage. I knew that the wrong foundation of sex could cause disrespect and distrust in the relationship. Instead of the marriage being built on friendship and fun it could be based on lust and self-gratification. And the last thing I wanted was for my children to be faced with an unplanned pregnancy like I was.

Living in today’s world, to stay pure before marriage may seem impossible, but I believe nothing is impossible with God.

Promise from God

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

You can imagine how I felt when I discovered that my oldest daughter at the age of 16 stole my car in the middle of the night to go visit her boyfriend. By the time I discovered that the car was missing, so was my daughter’s virginity.

devastated, I cried out to God in disappointment that He had not answered my prayers. Eventually, I realized that my daughter was looking for love and attention that I had not given her. Instead, she felt judged and condemned by me which pushed her into the arms of someone else. She was believing the lie of the enemy that she needed to have sex to feel loved and accepted.

I needed to believe that God was mighty through it all and that He would work it for good. I needed to not give up praying for my children, even when it seemed God was being silent and not answering the deep desire of my heart. I needed to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful to keep praying (Romans 12:12). I had to surrender my children and my will to trust God in the midst of the pain.

Praise for God

Worship God with this song that nothing is impossible for Him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rCGf4Mk9Fg

God is faithful. Eventually He answered my prayer for my daughter. Kayla is on fire for Jesus. Her testimony is impacting the girls and young women that she ministers to who are struggling to follow God in this crazy world of sexual immorality.

Prayer to God

Dear Faithful Father, Nothing is impossible with you. Sometimes you do not answer my prayers the way I want but I’m trusting you. You will work it for good. You are victorious. I continue to be joyful in hope for those who are led astray by the ways of this world. I pray that _________ will know you and love you and follow you. Reveal the truth that sexual immorality will leave us empty and full of regret and guilt. Let us see how sin separates us from you and from other people. May we turn to you for our love and security and acceptance. Help me to be the unconditional love of Jesus and accept the people in my life for where they’re at in their walk with you. Give me boldness, wisdom, grace, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to speak truth in love. Only with you can we be strong in this world where there is so much temptation. Only with you can we conquer sexual immorality and all sin, because nothing is impossible with you. Give us your strength and wisdom to follow you, in Jesus mighty and faithful name I pray. Amen.

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