Home Is The Heart

home is the heartIf your home was engulfed by flames, what treasures would you save? When the firestorm swept through San Diego in October of 2003, many families barely escaped with their lives. People had little time to grab sentimental items or treasures they had collected over the years. In the aftermath of the fire, a donation center allowed the community to pull together in an effort to help the fire victims rebuild their lives.

It was there that I had the privilege of meeting Dave and Barbara who had lost their home. Barbara’s calmness and strength, while seven months pregnant, intrigued me. When they came to my house for some plastic bins, I learned that Barbara home schooled her eight children. I was immediately bonded me to her. I knew she was either special or crazy!

As I toured their charred property the children delighted in how the wooden chicken coop remained unscathed by the flames that engulfed the trees and structures nearby. I discovered how Joshua had saved his pet doves with a net he was inspired to purchase a week prior to the fire. Equipped with his new net he gathered all the birds before fleeing from the flames that destroyed his aviary.

We climbed to the top of their property to touch the soft, fine hair of the alpaca they raised to produce yarn. Dave previously had worked for a large corporation. Months before, he decided to leave the conventional workplace and start his own business raising alpaca. This enabled him to be at home with his wife and children. Their animals and the barn that held the newly purchased processing equipment to run the business were spared from the flames.

Three months after the fire, Barbara gave birth to their ninth child. Born with downs syndrome and complications, their baby boy fought for his life as family and friends fought with fervent prayers. During this time, Barbara maintained a peace and strength that only God could provide. She clung to God’s promises and after three long months in the hospital, the family gathered to welcome their baby brother home.

For five years the Davies’ family lived in their barn and RV trailers located on their property, while they rebuilt their home debt free. They focused on storing treasures in heaven as they raise their nine children to love, trust, and honor God. The Davies discovered that as long as they had their family they had all the treasures that truly mattered. Because the family’s greatest treasure was their loved ones, they lost their house in that fire but not their home. They lost a lot of things but not a single treasure.

The treasures in our lives are the people around us. We are better off investing in our loved ones than material possessions that pass away. Through wisdom, understanding, and knowledge we can establish the rare treasures that fill the rooms of our heart instead of our dwelling.

God’s Word To Live By:

Matthew 6:20-21
Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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