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Empowered Love

 (60 minute message or 2-3 day workshop/retreat)
Kirsten loves to teach people how to love. At one time she did not understand the Father’s love and therefore could not love others the way God wanted her to. With a revelation of her identity in Christ be was transformed. Kirsten teaches how to transform your life with God’s transforming truth from His Word. She teaches the principles using the acrostic
S.T.O.P. to equip people to respond in love. Kirsten equips audiences to face confrontation with confidence, to overcome fear with truth, and to heal hurts to have authentic relationships with a God perspective.

The Greatest Gift

 (60 minute message)
A message of hope at Christmas or Easter. Kirsten illustrates the greatest gift of Jesus and His resurrection power. She shares her testimony of how God sustained her through her son’s battle with leukemia to discover a personal and loving God who still speaks to His people and heals their hearts. Kirsten testifies to God’s faithfulness when we surrender our lives to experience His power, peace and presence. She shares the greatest gift of knowing Jesus.

Purity Power

(60 minute message or 1-3 day retreat)
Kirsten reveals the seven consequences of premarital sex leading to the wrong foundation in marriage. Celebrating 28 years of marriage, Kirsten will equip your congregation, classroom, or conference with eight essential steps to remain pure in and out of marriage

Travels from San Diego, CA
Call: 858-444-7603.

What People Are Saying About Kirsten

Kirsten Strawn has such a love for the Lord and it overflows to others through her loving and compassionate spirit. She has an amazing testimony of how God has transformed her life for His glory. I highly recommend her as a speaker for any woman’s event.
– Karen Stevens (Women’s Ministry Director, Rock Church San Diego)
Your class has helped me so much and the lessons have opened my heart and search out the truth within myself. I’ve recently realized I’m the unlovable person!! I always looked at everyone else but I never looked at myself! I’m learning how to love ME!! You’re a blessing and I’m so thankful your class.
– Autumn
God used Kirsten’s teachings to challenge me, to re-examine myself and how I interact with those around me, prompting me to move from simply existing to seeking out God’s best in my life.
– Melissa A.
I attended Kirsten’s course, “Empowered to Love like Jesus.” Her lessons brought me to a place of humility and understanding. I looked at myself, I needed to change. Her lessons were loaded with Scripture, I had no excuses. I thank the Lord for Kirsten. Her love of Jesus has empowered me.
– Kathleen B.
“Empowered to Forgive” opened my eyes and heart to understand forgiveness, the impact of unforgiveness, and the steps on how to forgive. God truly used this message in my life.
– Diane
Your message inspired me to want to stay sexually pure until marriage. With the media telling us that you’re not cool if you don’t have sex, you brought up many amazing points and reasons that have completely removed that thinking from my mind. Thank you.
– Chaz A.
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