Abandoned yet Anointed

Named after a figure in the Bible, Zebulon Hill never knew his royal heritage until years after his own biological father abandoned him.

At four years old, Zebulon met his biological father for the first time when his father made the effort to determine if Zeb was his actual son through a DNA blood test. Discovering the truth, that Zeb was in deed his flesh and blood, never seemed to tug at his father’s heart to establish a relationship in the years that followed.

Rejected and abandoned, Zeb never knew his father’s love.

Sometime after the DNA testing was confirmed, Zeb’s mother married another man who became abusive toward her and her son. Over a period of six years, anger and rage brewed inside Zeb, until the age of ten when he contemplated murder in an attempt to protect his mother, but instead God delivered both of them when his abusive step-father died in a motorcycle accident. Zeb was relieved by the tragedy.

After the death of Zebulon’s step-father, his mother eventually remarried another man who also became abusive. Not wanting to leave his mother, Zeb turned down a basketball scholarship to go to college and a few weeks later his step-father kicked him out of the house.

Zeb felt betrayed by his mother. She never fought for her son and she allowed her husband to force him out of the house with nowhere to go. Her lack of courage to stand up to her abusive husband, to protect her son, and fight for him fueled Zeb’s disrespect toward women.

Zeb tried to prove his self-worth through using women, cursing and alcohol. He treated women as objects of his affection in an attempt to find love. He became a father at twenty-four and ran away from his responsibilities to chase his Hollywood dream in LA. When he became unfaithful to his girlfriend he found himself homeless.

Living in his car, severe depression hit Zeb and he contemplated suicide. As he wrote a letter to his God-parents, who were there for him growing up, he asked them to be involved with his son’s life. Something kept him from taking his life that day. A week later he felt the nudge to move back to San Diego to try to build a relationship with his son’s mother. As Zeb looked in the mirror he saw himself following in his father’s footsteps.

Zeb had abandoned his own son.

For thirty-six years Zeb searched for ways to be a man, to find his father’s love, and seek approval and attention. He lived a reckless life with no purpose until May 2009 when he discovered his heavenly Father’s love for him. He realized that his Father in heaven never abandoned him and sought out to have a relationship with his precious child for all those years.

After Zeb committed his life to Christ, as he sat in the Rock Church during a Sunday service, the Holy Spirit clearly showed him that his childhood pain would be used to minister to children who were suffering in a similar way without knowing their father’s love. He longed to be a father figure to the youth so that they would not choose to go down the same road of destruction that he did.

As one of the founding volunteers of the ministry, Never Knew A Father’s Love (NKAFL), Zeb heads up the Mentorship Program for the youth. As a ministry they come alongside individuals and families who have suffered from the loss or abandonment of their father. They partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego to make connections within the Rock Church and the community abroad.

“The challenge is finding faithful volunteers to give their time and talents to lead the youth by example as a beacon of light that Jesus has called us to be,” Zeb says. “Many of us are love deficient, yet love heals all.” There’s no greater joy than stepping in to be a mentor and the love of Jesus to the rejected and abandoned children of this city.

God is the Father to the fatherless.

God adopts us into his family, to make us a co-heir with Christ, and Zeb praises God that He anointed and chose him to become the first royal priesthood in his family to break the curse of not knowing a father’s love.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9

Zeb is declaring the praises of God’s faithfulness. He learned that not only did he accept his heavenly Father’s love through Christ, but he needed to love his father and forgive him. He became aware that the stronghold of the enemy stole his father from him through the curse of generational sin passed down from his father and his father’s father and so on. By forgiving his father, Zeb was set free to love and begin a new legacy.

Zeb is blessed to have a close loving relationship with his own son. He says the most important thing he has taught him is introducing him to a deeper relationship with Jesus, because knowing the love of Jesus compels us to live for Him. Zeb urges others to make the same choice to turn to Jesus, to stop the cycle to never know a father’s love, and to come alongside a child as a mentor in order to impact future generations.

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  1. Donna

     /  May 24, 2011

    What a beautiful story – Bless Zeb! Bless, bless, bless him!!!


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