The Wide Road Of Unforgiveness

Every day we have choices to make. We choose to obey God or turn away. There are only two choices: the narrow road or the wide road. The Bible is clear that the narrow road leads to life and the wide road leads to destruction. The wide road is anything and everything that satisfies our sinful, selfish nature, that separates us from God and other people. It’s direct disobedience to God’s best for your life and mine.

What does this destruction look like? Ruined relationships, heartache, despair, a pity party, anger, regret and guilt can all be a consequence of going down the wide road of destruction. In satisfying our own sinful nature we will cause ourselves and others pain and suffering. You may be traveling on this road right now or looking ahead at making a choice to turn away from God. It could be prompted by a grudge, bitterness, holding onto a wrong that someone has done to you. In your heart you may not want to forgive this person, but God tells you to.

With forgiveness comes peace and reconciliation and life. You may not be physically reconciled to the person, in fact, they may not be in your life anymore. But your reconciliation will be with God. Our bitterness and hatred separates us from a holy and loving God. We have a God who forgives us, yet He says we must forgive to be forgiven. You see, God knows that an unforgiving heart will cause us suffering. He wants us to be free of that pain and in a right relationship with him and others.

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is not forgetting the offense against us. We will remember the pain, but as time passes the details will be remembered less and less. Right now the details are vivid in your mind. You have rehearsed them over and over again. God will gradually take those memories to make them less painful and eventually you will remember them less frequently. I will show you why and how to forgive in the days ahead.

Pray for God to prepare your heart to forgive.

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