Empowered to Love

My life changed when I discovered God’s love for me. For years I lived emotionally detached, numb to the world around me, hiding my feelings behind a facade. Past shame, unforgiveness, and fear prevented me from loving God, others and myself, until God revealed himself to me through people and reading the Bible.

I discovered Jesus died for me. When I accepted His sacrifice on my behalf, I experienced His forgiveness, His joy and His peace in the midst of my struggles. I have tasted and seen the things of God.

He pursues us wanting nothing more than our love for Him and us to show that love to others. We are chosen. Once we meet Him at the well, we experience His living water, we never thirst again. He quenches our desire for the things of this world, we have eyes to see the needs of others,and we become the love of Jesus to those He puts in our path.

We bless the clerk at the grocery store with a conversation that says we care, we give to the needy as millions have done in Haiti, we comfort the broken-hearted who have lost loved ones, we speak words of encouragement and affirm those in our life. We demonstrate His love for His name sake.

Once we experience God personally we are forever changed. His love motivates us to love others. Equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to love the unlovable, to love as Jesus did, we push on to love the difficult person. We have a choice. Do we believe His great and precious promises, do we seek to find Him day by day, or do we forget and reject what He has done for you and me?

Be empowered to love as you discover what prevents you from loving. Learn ways to love yourself, to conquer fear, and forgive those who hurt you. Discover the way God designed you and shaped you for the purpose to love through my book, Empowered to Love the Unlovable, Inspirational stories and promises from God to give you hope. Available August 2011.

The greatest Commandment, Jesus said is to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31).

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