Are You A Runner?

People are running from their responsibilities today. Husbands and wives run into the arms of lovers to avoid dealing with the conflict in their marriages, kids run from pressures of life to drugs, alcohol and sex. Teens run to abortion clinics for fear of confronting their parents or the responsibility of raising a child. We run, sprint, hurdle life’s obstacles by avoiding the situation instead of facing the conflict head on.

From my personal experience I ran into the arms of men in hopes to seek attention and approval that I needed from my parents. I made the choice to have an abortion in hopes that I could live out my dreams. I left my marriage emotionally instead of working on the problems until God stopped me and said, Go back, through a verse in Genesis chapter 16.

Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant, was pregnant by Sarah’s husband. Desperate for a child Sarah orchestrated this union instead of trusting God’s promise that she would conceive. Hagar ran away from her responsibilities to the desert due to the mistreatment of Sarah. There in the desert she encountered the God who saw her pain and struggle. He told her to go back to surrender to Sarah for God’s purpose to be accomplished. God promised to be with her, to give her strength, and to bless her.

We must confront our problems. By doing so, God builds our character. When we courageously address the situation, by not giving into fear, then we change our circumstance. Speaking truth in love will allow the other person to have an opportunity to change. God is in control. We must S.T.O.P. running. Surrender, Trust, Obey, and Pray. When we do, God can do a miracle.

What are you running from?

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