Pride Breeds Quarrels

This morning my husband explained, according to a book that he’s reading called The Outliers, those that are successful in life spend 10,000 hours practicing what they are passionate about to become skilled in their feild. Immediately I took a self-centered stance evaluating the hours I put into my writing over the years. When my husband questioned my passion about writing immediately I became upset, arguing my position as a writer, and wanting to prove him wrong.

After I stopped to listen to what my husband had to say, I got it. He was merely saying that my first passion is not sitting behind a computer writing words. I do that to help people get close to God, to know that He’s personal, and that He can make a difference in our lives. My passion is to encourage and coach people face to face, to be the love of Jesus to the hurting. That’s what makes me feel successful.

When I checked my ego, humbled myself before God and my husband, I saw that he was right. I hate when that happens! Finally, I can admit and boldly claim those words after years of resenting him for his intense, no non-sense, analytical approach in our conversations.

After twenty-seven years of marriage I understand my husband, who coaches people in the workplace to be their best, is only trying to help me, not hurt me. I try to remember to stop to listen, to acknowledge what he says, and not argue. When I do, I usually gain wisdom from his insight.

Often God uses people in my life to speak words of truth when I humble myself to accept it. Proverbs 13:10 says, “Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.”

Do you need to put aside pride to listen to what a godly person is telling you?

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