Leaving a Legacy

“Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.” Philippians 2:4.

My Great Aunt Daisy took creative time to express herself through her sewing. In her retirement years she spent many hours piecing together an intricate pattern of brightly colored odd shaped fabric pieces making a crazy quilt. Various stitches and trims accented the random design, bordered by long strips of raspberry red and chartreuse green taffeta, that created a masterpiece.

One chilly morning in January, when Daisy was ninety-seven years old, we sat around the kitchen table at my mother’s home to record some of Daisy’s stories, which inspired us to get out the crazy quilt. We spread the quilt across the table to admire her workmanship. Macular Degeneration had stolen most of Daisy’s eyesight, yet she crouched down a few inches away from her artwork to see and feel the odd shaped pieces of fabric detailed with decorative stitches. She delighted in the accomplishment attained during a time in her life when her eyesight permitted her to express her creativity through her sewing.

Today, as her family, we have the privilege of having this “crazy quilt” that in many ways represents Daisy’s vibrant personality, her crazy behavior at times, and the patchwork of a life pieced together in many odd circumstances to create a unique individual that touched many lives. Though she looked after her own interests, she also looked out for the interest of others.

Through the familiar gnawing pains of hunger in Daisy’s youth, God used this woman in her retirement years to make a difference in a hungry world. Thirty cents from a generous friend in college bought Daisy a cup of coffee and half a sandwich during the days she could not afford to eat.

Daisy volunteered many hours to feeding the hungry over twenty-five years through an organization she founded called FISH, Friends In Service Here. Her countless hours organizing food donors, filling grocery bags, and doing the bookkeeping allowed for hungry people to satisfy their stomachs, which turned into satisfaction for a determined Daisy Hansen.

Daisy’s devotion to give back to her community was fueled by her concern for others and her taking the time to do the things she enjoyed through sewing, gardening and reading. With the creative expression of my aunt we inherited the intricate design of a crazy quilt that reflects the woman we came to know and admire.

What “crazy quilt” will you leave for your family?

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  1. wow, Daisy. i dont want to go emotional now, but you have inspired me with your life. God bless you Kirsten for sharing the life of Daisy. i'm truly blessed indeed.


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