What Is Your Identity?

When we finish our education whether it’s a high school diploma, a trade certificate, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree we have an expectation of achieving great success in our careers. Initially we spend endless hours working to climb the ladder with anticipation to attain a position that will give us the status and salary we desire.

Often times our careers dictate who we are by our title. A doctor, lawyer, CEO, Vice President, a famous athlete or an actor can elevate us to a position of honor. For years I valued my identity as a Nordstrom buyer until I lost that position and lost my identity. The fact is that our occupation is no more our identity than a lion is a zoo. My job was my god. I had to be stripped of that god to find the one true God.

Once we recognize what Christ did on the cross by taking all of our sin upon himself, to stand before a Holy God forgiven and cleansed of all unrighteousness, we know our true identity. When we invite him into our heart we become a Prince or Princess, an heir to the throne of heaven, adopted into the family of God our Father. We then become ambassadors sharing the love of Jesus as ministers of the gospel. The title of Christian, follower of Christ, should take preference over any title we have at work. What is your identity?

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