An Instrument in the Marketplace

Meet Ben, an instrument that God is using in the marketplace who suffers everyday:

Ben says, “I keep a positive outlook, remembering that I’m here to help others, and that’s what helps me. I had scoliosis and the deformity was not very noticeable until my senior year of high school.”

After his freshmen year in college the curve in his thoracic spine had grown to 55 degrees, 50 being the cutoff point for surgery. His lumbar was curved 45 degree in the other direction, so his spine was an S shape, pushing his ribs and shoulders into an awkward position.

Ben’s back was never in pain prior to surgery. The hardest part of choosing to do the surgery was to be out of the water for a year. Ben lived for water sports. Not doing any sports for a year was the comprise he was willing to make, but instead the day he had his surgery in 2006, unexpectedly, would be the end of his perfect life of surfing, skating and snowboarding.

He struggled with this mentality for years, not able to accept the fact that he felt like damaged goods. He was in severe pain that brought him to a place of surrender.

“It was a long and lonely road.” Ben admits, “When living in pain, even your best friends can make you angry, forgetting about how you feel. Unable to change them, for me to be truly happy, I had to give up my pride, and my self-pity, and leave it up to God to use me as he saw fit.”

Graduating from college in the worst economy anyone can remember, he landed a great job, helping people achieve financial freedom and stability. Ben said, “It took a tragic event to change me, without having gone through all this pain, I would have never given it up to God. Instead I would probably be indulging in the self-gratifying sports, which were my life and source of joy.” Ben says, “I may not find joy from physical activities anymore, but I have been blessed with a career and relationship with Jesus I never would have had without this event.”

Now Ben uses his skills, knowledge and expertise to bring joy to others. He is fulfilling his purpose. As a financial planner Ben said, “I am now an instrument of Jesus Christ, put on this Earth to help people plan for the unexpected, and insure their financial well-being: one of the greatest gifts of all. Sometimes God must take certain things away from us, so we can use our other skills and attributes to the fullest. That is what he did to me. I encourage anyone in pain to look to God. He has an answer for you and a plan for your life, the sooner you give it up to Him, the sooner His plan can start to unfold.”

Ben Farrell
Financial Services Professional
The Pollakov Financial Group, Inc.
4275 Executive Square Suite 400
La Jolla, CA 92037
cell 858 449 8537              858 449 8537      
fax 858 558 7001

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